Commission procedures for all Outboard Boats:                                              

Decarbonize, tune-up, replace plugs, synchronize linkages, check timing & carb., check operating temperatures, replace fuel filters, check fuel hoses & connections, check lights, bilge pump & safety equipment, install zincs. Commission all other systems on boat.

Bottom painting: 

Up to 20’ $15.50 ft. Paint included             

21’ to 25’ 16.50 ft. Paint included                                        

26’ to 30’ $17.75 ft. Paint included

Commission procedures for all INBOARD & STERNDRIVE BOATS:                                                                                                    Tune-up, replace points, plugs, cap, rotor, condenser, and fuel filters, check belts, hoses, alternator output, adjust carburetor, set timing, check fuel lines & hoses, lights, bilge pump, and safety equipment. Install zincs.

We also offer detailing service upon request.  Call for more information.

Click below to download the OUTBOARD Spring Service form

Click below to download the INBOARD Spring Service form